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Call for outside parties to produce non-free CD

Some of the perception that Debian does not support non-free software
is due to the fact that we do not choose to distribute non-free
software on our own CDs. To that extent, it's true that we don't support
non-free software. What we do support is other people writing and distributing
non-free software to run on Debian systems.

I have called for a third party outside of the Debian project to create a
"non-free extras for Debian" CD at various times, nobody has done the
work. There is still room for an outside group to do this, and it
should be done in the same way as the official CD - put up an image on
an FTP site for others to use.

I feel it's appropriate for this to happen outside of the Debian
project, not using Debian facilities. There is no shortage of FTP sites
or mailing list servers. What there is a shortage of is people who want
to work rather than complain.


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