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CFV-DFSG: Conclusions ?


The trickle of opinions has just about dried up (18 + a `secret' one), so I 
thought I'd publish what we got (as feeble html):


and see if anyone thought this was a useful exercise.

I dumped the one SECRET vote (and decided that SECRET votes were not a good 
idea), so if you (you know who you are) want to be counted, just vote again 
without the -SECRET.

Broadly, the opinions fell somewhere between ``leave it as it is'' and ``shut 
up, I'm trying to sleep''  ;-) with one or two minor tweak requests.

Don't take my word for it, look at the votes if you're interested.  If you 
happen to disagree with the views expressed, or with my summary of them, go 
ahead and say so, by sending a mail to cfv-dfsg-*@hands.com


 Is the ability to do instant opinion polls actually useful to Debian ?

 Does the opinion of a self selecting minority tell us anything useful
 about the majority view ?

 Is a majority view actually of any importance, even if we could find out
 what it was ?

 What happened to the opinions of those that were being so vocal on the
 mailing list about changing the DFSG ?


I personally think that this has it's uses, and I can think of ways to allow 
anyone to automatically institute new polls, and have the collected opinions 
published as they happen via html.  Should it be done ?

Cheers, Phil.

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