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Re: funny build error

> > if you didn't reboot after the libc6 upgrade, or you are still using
> > any libc5 programs that touch utmp (we fixed that for some of them in
> > the new libc5 but some programs mucked directly) then utmp is
> > corrupted and dpkg-* doesn't have a chance.  As a workaround, you can
> > always do a setenv LOGNAME your-user-name...
>  I have rebooted since my upgrade to libc6.  However, I am not sure if I have 
> any programs which touch utmp.  What exactly is "utmp", what does it do, and 
> how can I tell which programs are touching it?

utmp is the file where logins are reported located in /var/log.  You browse its 
contents with 'last'.  
> Is utmp restarted every reboot?  If not, do I maybe need to delete my current 
> utmp (because it is corrupted) to let a new correct one be built?

yes, you might want to type 
echo "" > utmp

if you see that it's corrupted with last.

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