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Re: Bug#14366: terminfo entry for "xterm" is broken

Mark W. Eichin wrote:

> I think this is just an education issue -- I didn't even *know* about
> xterm-old until I saw this thread, and it solved the problems I was
> having from other systems (so did set term=vt100, but xterm-old is
> correct :-)  After all, one *wants* the new xterm entry when coming
> from any Xfree86 3.3 or X11R6.3 or later system, which will eventually
> be most of them.


> In summary, I don't think we actually have a *bug* right now -- just a
> user-education issue.  I don't think "dumbing down" the xterm entry is
> advisable, keeping the older entry explicitly as a -old entry makes
> sense...

Bless you for saying so.  I thought I was alone here...


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