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Re: funny build error

>> On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, Paul J Thompson wrote:
>> -> no utmp entry available, using value of LOGNAME ("root") at
>> -> /usr/lib/dpkg/controllib.pl line 16.
>> Huhhhh... I have the same error on my Debian 1.3
>> Can anybody help? ;) or... write where or what can I read? ;)
> This is normal.  The error is produced if dpkg-buildpackage is run from a
> terminal that does not record logins in utmp (such as an emacs shell window).
> You can safely ignore the error.

Except I have been getting this error when running from a normal terminal -- just me sitting 100% plain at the commandline.  What's the deal?

Also, I have been getting about 4 or 5 of these types of errors after
I install a package which runs update-menus.

------------> Begin update-menus ERROR <---------------
Missing (or empty) tag: section
 (This tag needs to defined for the menuentry to make sense)
/etc/menu-methods//gnome: Aborting
In file "/usr/lib/menu/majordomo" at line 1:
command="/usr/doc/majordomo/majordomo-faq.html" description="Frequently asked questions about the Majordomo mailing  list manager" needs="dwww" section="" title="Majordomo FAQ"


------------> End update-menus ERROR <---------------

Is something on my system broke or are the packages of these menu
entries broken?

                - Paul J Thompson

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