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(fwd) XRPM-2.01 - X tool for manipulating RPM packages

Anyone care to see if this is {worth,accessible to} porting?


(apologies for the bashism :-)

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Subject: XRPM-2.01 - X tool for manipulating RPM packages
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Announcing XRPM 2.01

"Xrpm" is a tool born out of frustration with the RedHat and Caldera rpm
management tools.  The first version was written in Tcl/Tk, a great 
scripting language but I don't like it for any larger applications.  This
version is written in Python a much better language in my opinion.

Xrpm has the following features:

	- Displays all RPM packages installed on your system.
	- Query any installed package to find out what it is.
	- List the files of any installed package.
	- Remove installed package.
	- Open a directory panel to view uninstalled packages.
	- Can scan around your file system looking for RPM's.
	- Query any uninstalled package.
	- List the files of any uninstalled package.
	- Install an uninstalled package.
	- Handy right mouse functions in the directory/file display panel.
	- Open an FTP site to view uninstalled packages.
	- Can scan around the FTP file system looking for RPM's.
	- Query any uninstalled package on the remote site.
	- List the files of any uninstalled package on the remote site.
	- Install an uninstalled package from the remote site.
	- Your favorite FTP sites are stored in a file for quick access.
Check the "manual", "CHANGES" and "todo" file for more information.
These are now located in /usr/doc/xrpm-2.01

XRPM is available from "http://www.gmsys.com"; in the "Software" section.

What's new from version 2.0:
- ----------------------------
- - Added right mouse button functions to the file and directory panels
  when in the "Open Directory" function.
- - Added more messages letting the user know what's going on in the
- - Added option to save rpm if it fails the dependency check and it has 
  been marked for deletion when FTP'ing the file.
- - Removed some install bugs by checking proper options.
- - Added a feature to click on the ftp site to open to the root directory
  or click on the path open to the listed path.
- - We should be able to store multiple and different copies of the same
  site name now.
- - Added a mode variable to let us know if we're in ftp, installed or 
  directory mode.
- - Added exception processing to ftp open site.
- - Ftp'd rpm's are now downloaded to the /tmp directory and then installed
  from there.  Since we have to transfer the file anyway we might as well
  save it for later use if desired.
- - Added a checkbutton to the install dialog to control deleting an ftp'd
  rpm after it is installed.
- - Ftp'd rpms now indicate transfer progress with a scalebar that pops up
  on the screen. 
- - Added line counter when getting a directory listing from an ftp site. 
  Gives us a little better visual feedback of whats happening.

- - -- 
George Farris - VE7FRG           E-Mail : george@gmsys.com
G.M. Systems,                  Web page : http://www.gmsys.com
2570 Seaview Road,            Phone/Fax : (250)743-1500
Mill Bay, B.C., Canada
V0R 2P0                       We do pre-installed Linux systems.
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