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Re: Call for project leader candidates

From: Mike Orr <mso@jimpick.com>
> \begin{dribble about feeling left out}

If you were on Dale's testing team during the 1.3 pre-release and were on
the Debian-QA list, you are in. If not, there's lots of technical writing
to be done, web pages to be written, etc., and I suggest you find one of
those jobs and volunteer.

> When was it decided to allow only developers to vote?

The project has been run by the developers from day one. We listen to the
users, but the developers vote for project leader.

> I've been a dedicated user for two years, and I
> assumed that being a regular reader of debian-user and debian-devel was
> sufficient credential to be a full-fledged Debianite.  I'm sure there
> are other users who feel the same way.

I'm sure there are. However, consider that the developers are _volunteers_,
and they are also _users_. In compensation for the work they put in, we
allow them to make the decisions about what they are doing. I dare say that
if we ran it differently a lot fewer people would volunteer.

> However, I still think the Free Software Way (TM) would be to allow
> votes from anyone sufficiently interested to make the effort to vote.

We figure that anyone who is sufficientely interested will do work for the
project rather than take a passive role. Since we get 100% of our work from
volunteers, it makes sense for us to offer an incentive for people to

> The reason I'm not a developer is not that I don't care about Debian,
> it's just that my experience in compiling C programs is limited, and I
> still have a LOT of documentation to read and assimilate regarding
> include files, shared libraries, Makefiles, control files, policies,
> policies, policies (there seem to be so many of those), etc., before I'd
> want to spring a new package on an unsuspecting public.  

You can still write FAQs, and lots of beginner-oriented documentation,
and you can do that much better than one of our techno-whizzes might
because you are closer to the audience.


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