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Re: Game policy

On Tue, Nov 18 1997 16:06 +0100 Ole =?iso-8859-1?Q?J=F8rgen?= Tetlie writes:
> This game has a built-in level editor. I have put the default levels
> in /var/lib/games/rocksndiamonds/levels/, but I don't think this
> directory should be writeable. If it is, then users could mess up
> the levels for everyone. Not desirable on a multi-user system.
> My suggestion is to make the directory non-writeable(755), and add
> some instructions in README.debian, explaining how to set things up
> if you trust your user(s) enough to let them edit old levels.
> Is this OK? Any better suggestions?

I'd suggest making it 775 root.games (or any other suitable group) or even
1775 root.games (or any other suitable group, maybe rocksandiamonds). 
Then the local root has to add the people to the games group to let them
write new levels into the /var/lib/games/rocksndiamonds/levels/ directory.

>From a security point of view the rocksandiamonds group would be better.


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