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Re: Free Unix OS's on x86


In article <87g1pizmai.fsf@garfield.complete.org> you write:

>Debian comes with roughly 1000 packages; FreeBSD has substantially

But the package count isn't necessarily a good measure for
the vastness of distributed software. Debian usually splits
software in a finer granularity, making more packages from the same
code. Some see that as an advantage for Debian (more customization
possibilities for Debian installations), some as a disadvantage
(you have to select more packages for the same functionality,
including a higher probability for errors [though the dependency/
conflict checking of dselect/dpkg rule out many possible errors]).

I think the choice of free operating systems is for a big part
a matter of taste, because in the most parts the features of the
different OSes and distributions are comparable.

Please take comments to my mail to private EMail because this discussion
doesn't seem too on-topic for the debian mailing list (especially

Regards, Felix.

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