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Re: Bug#14366: terminfo entry for "xterm" is broken

Mark Baker wrote:

> Package: ncurses-base
> Version: 1.9.9g-5
> The terminfo entry for xterm is broken. It includes colours and things,
> which although in recent debian xterms, are not included in the majority
> of xterms out there in the world.
> This causes problems when users of any other system telnet in.
> Can we have a genuine xterm terminfo entry back, and perhaps an
> "xterm-color" one with colour included? In other words, can we go back to
> the nice non-broken behaviour we used to have?

*sigh* Here we go again.

Folks, I throw up my hands.  I honestly don't know what to do about this
anymore.  The changes that Mark is complaining about came from _upstream_.
The xterm entry was taken directly from the XFree86 3.3 distribution.  We're
eventually going to _have_ to move to it, and now seems like a good time.

I don't want to change it back.  It feels like a cowardly retreat to me.  If
it causes problems, they should be solved, not retreated from.  Does it
conflict with your backspace/delete handling?  Then we should fix programs
which make stupid assumptions about ^? being a synonym for ^H on linux. I
realize that older systems with older xterms are having problems, but that's
what "xterm-old" is for.   Is it really such a burden to use it?

If the consensus of the developers is to retreat, then I'll back out all the
upstream terminfo changes, and we'll be back to the old "non-broken"
behavior.  Speaking for myself, I really like the new xterm, and find it to
be considerably less broken than the old one.  But it seems that nobody else


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