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Re: Call for outside parties to produce non-free CD

From: Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@dungeon.inka.de>
> neither non-free nor contrib is part of the debian gnu/linux
> distribution. why do we include contrib on our official cdrom ?

Oh, that's easy to answer. All of the software in contrib is free, but depends
on non-free components. We have no problem with shipping free software.
You can get the non-free stuff elsewhere.

> i am not happy with the current cdimage. our dilemma is, that we need a
> foolproof solution to prevent imagemagick and others ship defect debian
> cdroms.

You mean Infomagic. He did not use the CD image, that was the problem.
Note the big README.CD-manufacture I put on the FTP site, attached below.



Dear CD Manufacterers,

If you are considering the manufacture of a Debian CD, please do one of the

1. Distribute our Official 2-CD Set. There is no charge from us. Download
   the ISO 9660 image files for the two disks from one of the FTP sites
   listed below. If you use these images and distribute both CDs in one
   package, you can call your product "Official Debian GNU/Linux
   <version> Two-CD Set". This is the only case in which we will allow you
   to use the words "Official" and "Debian" together in a product name.
   You can find more instructions in the directory with the ISO image

2. Master your own CD on a Debian system, using the "debian-cd" package.
   This package is in our archive, and will create the ISO images for a
   Debian 2-CD set. You should be able to edit any changes you want into
   the scripts in the debian-cd package. You may use the "Debian" name on
   this product, but you may not use the word "Official" together with
   "Debian" in the product name.

If you think that making a Debian CD is as simple as copying files out
of our FTP archive, you are mistaken. Use our pre-generated CD images or
our scripts in the "debian-cd" package to build your CD, so that it will
	* Bootable on all newer motherboards.

	* Arranged so that Debian's package tool can find the packages
	  on the CD automaticaly.

	* Arranged so that the pathnames on the CD match the ones in
	  our documentation and the commercial Debian books.

This will make it much more likely that your CD is fully functional and
you will be less likely to experience customer service problems.

Please correspond with me if you have any questions.


	Bruce Perens
	Debian Project Leader

These are FTP sites where you can currently find the Debian GNU/Linux
Official 2-CD Set. To add a site, please send mail to bruce@debian.org .

U.S.: ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/distributions/debian/OfficialCD    H. Peter Anvin hpa@transmeta.com

U.S.: ftp://ftp.debian.org/OfficialCD Greg Hankins <gregh@cc.gatech.edu>

Germany: ftp.uni-erlangen.de:/pub/Linux/Official-Debian-CDs Roman Hodek <Roman.Hodek@informatik.uni-erlangen.de> also NFS-mountable (read-only) as /public/pub/Linux/Official-Debian-CDs

U.K.: ftp://ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk/computing/operating-systems/Linux/debian/OfficialCD Lee McLoughlin <lmjm@doc.ic.ac.uk>

Hungary: ftp://silver.drk.hu/pub/debian_cd/ Robert Nemkin <buci@bucipc.math.klte.hu>

Japan: ftp://ftp.kc.chuo-u.ac.jp/pub/Linux/OfficialCD/ Atsushi KAMOSHIDA <kamop@post1.com>

Finland: ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub/Linux/INSTALL/Debian-OfficialCD/ <linux-adm@nic.funet.fi>
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