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There are alot of scripts which use unnecessary bashisms. Apart from complex
scripts most of these can be easily changed to conform to the POSIX shell.
This has the added advantage of meaning that those who want to can use ash
as /bin/sh and reap the benefits of improved performance. 

To this end we really need a short document which details the differences,
the "right" way to do things and the definite "No-No"s.  Maybe this should
go into the packaging manual, but initially it is probably better to have it
seperate as it would change quite a bit at the start. 

I'd be happy to write such a document, but I need help as I only really know
two things:
  cp fred.{txt,html} dest    ->   cp fred.txt fred.html dest
  function f() {echo Hi;}    ->   f() {echo Hi;}

..and I'll bet the last one isn't quite right!



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