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Re: The chronoilogicallly ordered bug pages

> I would have to agree with Manoj, and for much the same reasons.  Reverse
> chronological order doesn't do anything for me.  It seems more sensible to
> list them chronologically from earliest to latest report. 
If you are following a bug, there is some sense to reverse order. But then
you usually are simply reading the new messages as they come out.
Skipping past messages already read, in the chronological ordering is quite

On the other hand, if you start reading a bug late, then trying to read
an archive that's in reverse order is extremely annoying. Constant
paging up and down is necessary and makes following the discussion
more difficult.

There is a problem with reversing the ordering of current bugs though.
Given the size of the bug archive and past experience, forcing the
mirrors to reget the archives from scratch will cause havoc for
weeks Maybe Ian can  simply change the ordering for new bugs.

- Jay

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