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Re: giving money to gnome

> So you're saying they'd really go to all the trouble of putting Debian
> on the CD if they didn't think it would add any value.  
> Why don't they just give their donations directly to Debian then?

Of course the Debian adds on an extra value, but primarily this CD is a
KDE CD and not a Debian (which can easily be observed by the fact, that
the KDE is supplied in multiple formats: tar.gz, rpm, deb).

This CD just had enough space to throw a Debian on there as well, as an
added bonus to the customer.

The question is - would there be a JFL Debian CD at all, if JFL wouldn't
have made this KDE CD?

> > I wouldn't mind, if Debian were to give money from whatever source to
> > GNOME, *EXCEPT* if that other source is directly or indirectly a
> > competitor to GNOME. 
> If KDE had a license that said money earned from sales couldn't be used
> to fund a "competitor", it would fail the DFSG on grounds of
> discrimination. But you're saying we should assume that there's an
> implicit "no funding of competitors" clause. 

I don't say, that there is such a clause. Except for maybe "The Rules Of
Friendly Conduct".

My beliefs are certainly not "old-Japanese" style, but I still do know
what piety and honor are.

If GNOME were the *ONLY* free software project we could fund, then there
wouldn't be much choice. But - is this so? I don't think so.

In that case, give the money to another free software project.

Besides - what *REALLY* gets on my nerves, is the fact that the
pseudo-reason behind supporting GNOME is, that this will support GTK. Why
can't the money be given to GTK people *DIRECTLY*?

> Why? Why can't we spend the money where we want to?

<Letting off a little steam>

	Sometimes I think it's a pity that some people haven't had
	a good Western-European style education. Because in that case
	you'd certainly heard the words "ethics", "morals", "piety",
	"honesty" and "honor". And you'd know what they mean!

	Just a hint: These aren't things you can eat! 

Are you just to blind to see the reason not to support GNOME with *THIS*
money? Or is it just blissful ignorance?

> You are sending a clear message to the world that Debian can be bought.

Why does that mean, we can be bought? It doesn't mean *ANYTHING* along
that line! But - maybe - just maybe - you could follow this logic:

  If someone gives you money and you use that money to piss him off,
  he won't give you any money in the future, unless he has no other
  choice whatsoever!

Does that strike you as somewhat logical (even if just minimally

  If not, would you be upset, if you gave me a good portion of money
  (no strings attached) and I'd use that to publicly humiliate you?

  Maybe you wouldn't be. But MOST DEFINETELY, you wouldn't give me 
  any money again, right?



Windows 95: n.
    32-bit extensions and a graphical shell for a 16-bit patch to an 8-bit
    operating system originally coded for a 4-bit microprocessor,  written
         by a 2-bit company that can't stand for 1 bit of competition.

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