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Bug log ordering

Santiago, could you please stop counting votes ?  We're not voting on
this issue, and you posting lists of people like that just encourages
everyone to post `me too' messages with no supporting argument.

This will be resolved when _I_ as maintainer of the bug system am
convinced that everyone's arguments have been dealt with properly.  At
the moment I'm very unconvinced that there have been many good
arguments at all.

Raul: thanks for your suggestion wrt CGI scripts.  I don't really want
to make such heavy use of CGI scripts because it would make it much
harder to run mirrors of the bug system.  At the moment the bug system
is just a pile of files which you can put in a webserver.

We could solve this by duplicating the data (we already do this for
the indices), but there would still be the question of how to specify
which one you wanted.


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