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bashims in debian/rules


  I build packages for Debian for Sparc using a cross-compiling environment
running under Solaris, so I can use faster machines than my sparc-linux system
(note that my sys-admin didn't allow me to install sparc-linux these machines ;-(( ).

My environment works almost well except for bashims in debian/rules makefiles.
In fact, the shell make relies on is /bin/sh when not overridden in the
makefile itself (with a SHELL=... line).
However, /bin/sh is a basic Bourne Shell under Solaris, and understand nothing
related to bash.
IMO, makefiles that use bashims should put SHELL=/bin/bash at top them, but
most packages just use one bashim: curly brackets in file names (like
debian/{postinst,prerm}).  Then the better solution will be to simply rewrite
the line to remove it.

I already reported a bug against one package (binutils) to ask the maintainer
to remove bashims, but before to post new ones for new packages I'll compile,
I'd rather like a consensus about this topic.


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