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Re: 2.0 release estimate ?

"James E. King, III" <jking@ariessys.com> writes:

> I am porting a multi-threaded C++ database server to Linux, coming
> from Solaris, AIX, NT, and MacOS (yes, believe it or not!).
> Obviously g++ 2.8 isn't available yet, so forget optimizing that
> template code.

Well, we're using egcs here pretty successfully with templates, STL,
and threads.  I've heard that the absolute latest snapshot may have a
few problems, but 971023 works much better for us than gcc-2.7.X did.

> I would like to be able to tell my customers who want a Linux
> product when they might be able to download and install a glibc2
> based Linux distribution.  It makes the porting of my code easier..
> I di not want my customers building and installing glibc2.  Do
> you have an estimated release date for Debain 2.0 x86?  I was
> poking around on your web site and it said "fall", so I assume it's
> slipped a bit?

Yes, it has.  I think most of us here would hesitate to give you any
firm date.  If past practice is any guide, we'd slip it.

In my opinion, if you're willing to be even a little adventurous,
unstable's quite usable now.

Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu>
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