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Adding a driver at installation

Dear Debian Folks,

I'm trying to make a new installation of Debian Linux.  However,
although you're hardware HOWTO mentions compatability with the 3com
3c90x Boomerang PCI network adaptor, there is no option for this device
in the installation routine.  The closest adaptor is the 3Com Vortex but
this selection hangs the install process.  I looked at the nasa sight
and saw that an uncompiled driver written in C exists for the Boomerand
but I have no idea how to compile it and add it to the installation. (I
am installing from the cdrom that came with the November issue of Boot
Magazine.)  Should I create the kernal skipping the network card and try
to add it later.  I hope to use this machine to run BIND and the Squid
cache server so the network connection is pretty important.  Please send
whatever advice you can.  Thanks in advance.

Stephen Guthartz
Planet do Brasil

P.S. Please mail me back at sguthartz@pnet.com.br

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