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Re: bashims in debian/rules"

Santiago Vila Doncel, quoting `GNUinfo/LINUX-GNU at the GNU archives':
> "But people who think of themselves as "Linux users" are more likely to
> release a forked "Linux-only" version of the GNU program, and consider
> the job done.  We want each and every GNU program to work "out of the
> box" on Linux-based systems; but if the users do not help, that goal
> becomes much harder to achieve."
> Of course, this is not exactly the "{}" problem, but it is *very*
> similar.

No, it is not at all similar.  I agree that we should send portable[1]
changes we make upstream, and that when we make changes to the core
parts of the program we should make them portable if we can.

However, debian/rules exists _entirely for Debian_.  It is part of our
distribution mechanism.  There is no point making debian/rules files
that are portable to non-Debian systems.

If and when there is another distribution using dpkg (eg, a Debian
Hurd) then the rules scripts should obviously be made useable on that


[1] In this posting, `portable' means `not restricted to Debian or

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