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The election for Debian Project leader will be held starting 0000EST
on Dec 1, 1997. Votes will be taken until 2359EST  Dec 7, 1997. The
2 candidates are Bruce Perens and Ian Jackson. *ONLY* PGP signed
ballots will be counted. Send your PGP signed vote to vote@buoy.com.
If your PGP signature does not appear in the debian keyring, or does not
match,your vote  will not be counted. A list of email addresses
of all counted  votes will be published along with the results of the
election, and the results can be audited by the 2 persons that have
agreed to perform that function. Please, if you are a developer, QA tester, 
or perform administrative functions for Debian, our Constitution gives
you the right to vote. Make sure you register your PGP key so your
vote counts.


Tim Sailer

   >> Tim Sailer                       ><  Coastal Internet, Inc.          <<
   >> Network and Systems Operations   ><  PO Box 671                      <<
   >> http://www.buoy.com              ><  Ridge, NY 11961                 <<
   >> tps@buoy.com                     ><  (516) 476-3031                  <<

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