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Re: bz2'd upstream original source?


In article <y9h67qgl3kh.fsf@always.got.net> you write:
>When, if ever, will it be okay to start uploading original sources and
>patches using bzip2? 

>I'm asking because The GIMP's source is being distributed in bz2
>format now, and it saves a *LOT* of space.

Be a bit careful about bzip2 and bzip: While in many cases it saves
rather some space, there are cases (and they are not too seldom), where
bzip[2] compresses worse than gzip -9. Even for mail folders or source

Perhaps, if size is the most important criterion, you should have a script
that gzip -9's and bzip2's the file, then compares the sizes of the results
and retains the smaller one.

Regards, Felix.

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