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Re: Contrib on official CD

> We provide contrib as a service to our users so they won't have to download to whole section and will just have to download packages from non-free instead.
> It can be useful behing a 28.8kbps line.

I'm behind a 28.8k line here - so I completely understand.

But I still think it's dumb to ship packages that don't work on the official
CD.  If a user wants that - they should by a 3 CD pack - two official CDs
and one unofficial CD with the non-free stuff.

I think Debian should be encouraging the packaging of a non-free
CD with the official Debian CDs.  The cases where somebody buys just
the 2 official Debian CDs by themselves should not be common, until
we have good replacements for Netscape, and several other commonly
used non-free programs.

We should probably have a package that makes an unofficial CD that is
recommmended to be shipped along with Debian - for the sole purpose of
holding non-free and contrib packages so we have a commercially
marketable distribution.

Think about it:  when somebody is shopping for a Linux distribution, they
aren't going to be educated in the ins-and-outs of free software licensing.
Quite often, it will come down to who is shipping largest number of software
packages.  If CD makers don't include the non-free stuff with Debian, people
will buy Slackware or Red Hat.  Let's face it - very few people buy a
Linux distribution based on quality and integration alone.  We're currently
stuck with a "grab bag" mentality amongst the consumers.  Changing that
requires a sophisticated marketing campaign - which none of the current
Debian CD makers is up to yet.

So, it's not unreasonable to force all the contrib stuff off the official
CD - because anybody making a marketable version of Debian will have a
non-free CD where it can go.  The nice side-effect is that we will have more
room for the main distribution on the official CD.


 - Jim

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