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dpkg-ftp question

Is there a version of dpkg-ftp that fixes bug #10792 ?

(The symptom is that dpkg-ftp prepends dist/ instead of the correct
path to the files it's trying to download.)

Or is there a work-around for this?

If not, what is the recommend path for upgrading to hamm?

  I followed the instructions in the libc5->libc6 upgrade HOWTO.
  I'm using dpkg-ftp 1.4.9

         ftp site: ftp.debian.org
          passive: y
         username: anonymous
         password: olds@eskimo.com
          ftp dir: /debian/hamm
    distributions: stable non-free contrib
     download dir: debian

By the way,
 -The link to the bug list is broken on the US and German WWW sites.
 -The link is also broken to the mailing list archives, otherwise I
  might have found the answer to my questions there.

Lee Olds

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