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Re: Become a Debian Developer!

On Thu, Nov 13, 1997 at 12:56:35PM -0500, Sue Ann Campbell wrote:
> > You probably mailed at the time Klee Diennes, the previous new maintainer
> > officer was away and/or having email problems.  Martin Schulze (aka Joey) took
> > it over now, and he is quite fast at taking care of new maintainers.  Another
> Has Martin really taken over? If so, I will change maintainer_contacts.html
> to reflect this.

I'm impressed.  I didn't know that I have taken over it.  James Troup
and myself have decided that new-mantainer work needs some assistance.
We are working together with Klee and Igor (as keyring
maintainer) for new-maintainer processes.

Sue, if you update the page, please don't say I have taken over it.
We're four people at the moment: Klee, James, Igor and myself.  New
maintainer shall mail to the new-maintainer address, not personally.



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