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Re: bashims in debian/rules

Stephen Zander wrote:
> Eric Delaunay wrote:
> > Hmm, env doesn't exist under Solaris except when GNU shellutils are
> > installed.  In all cases it will not reside under /usr/bin :-(
> Eh? Since when? /usr/bin/env has been in standard Solaris since the beginning
> of time AFAIK.

Oops, sorry.  It was masked by the one from GNU shellutils in my path :-((
# which env
# ls -l /usr/bin/env
-r-xr-xr-x   1 bin          4160 Oct 25  1995 /usr/bin/env

Ok, so /usr/bin/env can be used to fix path to bash with such a line in

SHELL=/usr/bin/env bash


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