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Re: about CFLAGS

Santiago Vila Doncel wrote:
> Francesco Tapparo wrote:
> > Santiago Vila Doncel wrote:
> > > Did you try   CFLAGS="-O2 -g -Wall" ./configure    ?
> >
> > Yes, so the pakage compile perfectly: thanks. Now I think that this is the
> > right method of set the variables.
> However, I fail to see why   make CFLAGS="-O2 -g -Wall"  could not work,
> if Makefile is generated by a configure script.

Hmm... I think I ran into this too.  In package cgoban, the Makefile.in
contains the following line:


The result is that if I override CFLAGS when I invoke make, I lose
$(INCS), which is a series of -I flags.  I got around the problem
by replacing that line with the following two lines:


Then I invoke make with CDEBUGOPTS="-O2 -g".

It is possible that the Makefile.in in your package already contains a
variable that performs a role similar to the CDEBUGOPTS I added to

Richard Braakman

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