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Re: Contrib on official CD

On Wed, 19 Nov 1997, Syrus Nemat-Nasser wrote:

> On 19 Nov 1997, Jim Pick wrote:
> > So, it's not unreasonable to force all the contrib stuff off the official
> > CD - because anybody making a marketable version of Debian will have a
> > non-free CD where it can go.  The nice side-effect is that we will have more
> > room for the main distribution on the official CD.
> Once again, Jim, I agree with this last part.  Such a policy will
> encourage a CD maker to produce a non-free CD because they will
> potentially see a greater profit.
Speaking as one of those folks who produce "custom" Debian CDs. I already
include as much of non-free as license allows. This includes all the
shareware, as well as all the other packages that allow distribution for a
fee, without license. If my market share were large enough, I would
probably even try to deal with those packages that require a license from
the copyright holder.

I don't see any reason to "officialize" non-free any more than it already
is. I would be reticent to purchase CDs for redistribution that contained
all of non-free. I don't have any problem with others taking such risks,
but I'm not interested. I very much appreciate the existance of non-free
as a safety feature for folks like myself.


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