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Re: giving money to gnome

Debian Developers,

> Just for a change, please, those people who don't see a problem with
> giving money to the GNOME people, *please* state a couple of GOOD reasons
> why we have to give it to GNOME, and why we can't hand it to GTK, dselect,
> or other people not writing a free desktop. I won't think the KDE people
> will mind us giving money from other sources to GNOME later. But in this
> special case of JFL's KDE CD I see why KDE guys are upset.
>   Benedikt

Benedikt has a very valid point.  I vote that we consider giving the money to 
GTK instead.  This has the following advantages:

1.  Giving it to GTK isn't quite as "in your face" to KDE as giving it to 
2.  Supporting GTK is supporting Gnome.
3.  GTK is an excellent candidate for a good, free X Toolkit for Linux 
4.  The better GTK gets, the better the Gimp gets (and Everybody Loves the 

I am slightly kidding about the fourth reason.  But the first 3 are reason 
enough to support GTK.  And, this doesn't mean we couldn't still earmark some 
money for Gnome (especially since we already told them we'd give them some 
money), just channel the money donated specifically from this KDE thing to GTK 
( KDE $$$ ---> GTK ).

Just my opinion.

ALL RESPONDERS:  Please try to keep replies to this more aimed at dicussing 
the concept of maybe donating to GTK.  I feel we have ground this KDE/Gnome 
money thing far into the ground.  Also, try to keep them short, concise, and 
to the point.  Let's keep it constructive!   :-]

                - Paul J Thompson

"A raccoon tangled with a 23,000 volt line today.  The results
blacked out 1400 homes and, of course, one raccoon."
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