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Re: Debian will move glibc-2.1?

In article <19971123211544.61924@elo>,
	David Engel <david@sw.ods.com> writes:

>> OK, I try to glibc 2.1 on my own risk.
>> But, I have to maintain some Debian package.(Just beta test in Japanese
>> Debian users group.) 
>> If I install glibc2.1 on my hamm environment, can I maintain 
>> Debian package for glibc 2.0?
> Yes, but you'll have to install glibc 2.1 so it is not used by default
> when you compile something.

I thought it was supposed to be compatible? If not we'll have to go through
this whole thing again. Obviously it would be a good idea to test things
compiled with 2.1 on a glibc 2.0 system before releasing them.

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