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Re: be careful with Replaces, please

Yann Dirson <ydirson@a2points.com> writes:
> Greg Stark writes:
>  > We've got be be a little more careful with the Replaces header. I just
>  > installed the libc6 version of comerr, and dpkg helpfully deinstalled
>  > e2fsprogs. 
> That's perfectly normal if you previously had e2fsprogs <= 1.10-6,
> which does contain libcom_err !
> You should probably install e2fsprogsg to replace e2fsprogs.

I know i should install a new e2fsprogs, obviously. I was just suggesting we
should find some way to avoid the default action being to deinstall packages
that aren't really being completely replaced. I'm not sure what better to do

Incidentally, the g suffix on packages indicates they're a libc6 package.
Usually it's only needed on libraries since you might want both libc6 based
and libc5 based libraries installed at the same time. Usually we don't care
about having two versions of binary packages installed simultaneously. I'm not
exactly sure why we have both e2fsprogs and e2fsprogsg, possibly because
e2fsprogs are so essential that we're being paranoid about future libc6 bugs.


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