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Re: atp qwk reader

In article <19971123013819.15898@hamishpc>,
	hamish@rising.com.au (Hamish Moffatt) writes:
> I am interested in packaging the (rather old and unfriendly,
> but still useful) QWK reader, atp, for Debian. QWK is a format
> BBSs use for download messages to read offline.

Useful? QWK is a truly dire format which insists on truncating subject lines
etc, and (if you follow the spec to the letter---thank god most
implementations don't) capitalising all header lines. There are many better

That's beside the point though.

> However, we already have a package called atp -- it's a text to postscript
> converter, and I maintain that too. I suggest calling the package and
> binary atpqwk then. Any comments or objections?

No, that sounds a sensible solution.

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