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Re: bashims in debian/rules


Ian Jackson:
> There is no point making debian/rules files that are portable to
> non-Debian systems.

Debian is different things to different people, as well as GNU is.

GNU is the name of an operating system (unfinished, version 0.2), but it
is also the "GNU" in "GNU software", which works on an amazingly huge set
of different Unix machines.

You talk about "Debian systems", but there are also "Debian packages",
which may, or may not, be built on non-Debian systems, exactly as GNU
software may or may not.

If we decide that Debian packages do not need to be portable, maybe there
will never be more Debian systems than "Debian GNU/Linux", and there will
never be more Debian packages than those of the Debian GNU/Linux
distribution. What a pity, don't you think so?

> If and when there is another distribution using dpkg (eg, a Debian
> Hurd) then the rules scripts should obviously be made useable on that
> system.

FYI: There are people already working on "Debian Solaris". Why do we have
to make life difficult to them, if only a little effort on our side would
make things much easier?

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