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Re: Copyright question

On 24 Nov 1997 13:17:31 +0100 Ole =?iso-8859-1?Q?J=F8rgen?= Tetlie 
(olet@ifi.uio.no) wrote:

> The author of rocks'n'diamonds (and mirrormagic) seems willing to
> change the copyright, to allow inclusion in debian main!
> The reason for his previous (restrictive) license was mostly fear
> of people removing his name from the introscreen and such. Does not
> GPL and Artistic protect him from these changes? If they do, it
> might be possible to talk him into using a standard license.

I guess a good answer would be that nasties don't care about 
licenses, and might remove his name and/or take credit for his work.
Free software people are much more good-behaved (in general), and 
won't remove his name.

> His currently proposed copyright reads:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> This program is copyrighted (c) 1995-1997 by Holger Schemel.
> It is freely distributable under the condition that if you want to
> distribute the package with modifications other than adding new Makefiles,
> additional patches and resulting binaries you have to ask the author for
> permission first.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Ray has suggested that the "have to ask" should be changed to "must make
> a sincere effort to ask". Would this license be acceptable then?

I'm afraid this is non-freely modifiable, and fails to be DFSG still.


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