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Re: Bruce's rhetoric

> When I read Bruce's post, I thought, "gee, Bruce, you're not much of a
> politician, are you?"

I do the developers the courtesy of not being a politician to them.
I think they are worthy of that much respect. I will act as a politician
to outsiders, when it is necessary. I didn't intend my response to Chris
to be Debian's public statement to outsiders on its web page, and did not
propose it as that. It's for the developers.

Should I instead be dishonest? You can expect me to hold the line on free
software and you can expect me to be outspoken on free software issues.
If you don't like that, you can elect Ian, who will hold the line too, but
might be less outspoken.

The best developers have no reason to stay on the project if we just try
to ape the policies of the commercial distributions. They don't want to be
taken advantage of by giving their work for free to commercial software
companies like Netscape and Troll Tech. They are building the corpus of
free software into a self-sufficient whole. Frankly, I see the most
technically-capable people in this contingent. I hate to say it, but we
could afford to lose some of the others.


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