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Re: 2.0.31 kernel - SCSI problems

"Oliver Elphick" <olly@lfix.co.uk> writes:

> I tried 2.0.31, but found that it broke my SCSI system - it would no longer
> acknowledge the existence of tapedrive or scanner.  This was apparent at
> boot-time, when they no longer appeared on the SCSI device list. I had to
> go back to 2.0.30, where it works fine.
> I am using an Adaptec 2940UW with the aic7xxx SCSI kernel code.

Here's an excerpt from a posting to linux-kernel:

Doug Ledford <dledford@dialnet.net>:
> >I currently seem to have a problem when I upgraded
> >from 2.0.30 to 2.0.31. I have a Adaptec 2930 (SCSI-2)
> >Card that uses the aic7xxx driver, under 2.0.30 when
> >it boots up is Resets the SCSI Bus and then it detects
> >my Tape Drive just fine, but for some reason when up grade
> >to the kernel source of 2.0.31 and try to boot up during
> >the boot up it locks up after it tries to start to load
> >the SCSI Driver!
> In the Adaptec EZ-SCSI BIOS make sure that wide negotiation is turned off on
> this device, and if it won't do synchronous either, then turn that off as
> well.  The negotiation code was changed, not entirely for the better.  There
> are patches in 2.0.32-pre-4 that should help with this problem as well.

You can also get the fix from:


This is the new Linux Maintenance Project, which is the project formed
to put together new stable kernel releases (Linus wants to concentrate
on 2.2).  


 - Jim

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