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Re: Duplicate messages

On 22-Nov-97, Gonzalo A. Diethelm <gonzo@ing.puc.cl> wrote:
> And yes, you can set your local software to ignore those duplicates;
> that only hides a problem that shouldn't be happening anyway.
> Perhaps I just don't know much. But it doesn't look right to me that
> the mailing list would duplicate those messages. I'm subscribed to
> other mailing lists (like ACE's), and they don't show this problem.

*Some* of the problems with duplicate messages is that people are CCing
everyone on the thread by using the "group-reply" feature of the mailing
list. They are doing this because the Debian lists don't have Reply-To:
set to the list.

Because of this problem, I have started using "mutt" as my mailreader,
because it allows you to get around this problem with a "list-reply". 
But unless the Reply-To: is changed, or everyone starts using different
mailers, this will be a problem.

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