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Re: funny build error

> oops, while talking on this topic, every time I said utmp, I meant wtmp :-).  
> Now that I think about it, I do get the error from dpkg still, but like I said 
> I learned to ignore it.  Hmm... just noticed, I don't have /var/log/utmp now, 
> and I seem to remember having it before.  Libc6 upgrade must have removed it 
> somehow.  Any ideas?

I don't know.  I have upgraded to 100% libc6 (Debian 2.0-to-be) and I have a 
utmp -- except it is in /var/run/utmp.

Btw, since wtmp is the file which keeps tracks of logins, etc, what exactly is 
utmp?  (as in /var/run/utmp...)

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