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Re: Duplicate messages

On Nov 22, 1997, at 16:51, Ben Pfaff wrote:
 > "Gonzalo A. Diethelm" <gonzo@ing.puc.cl> writes:
 > > I usually get two copies of several of the messages sent to this list
 > > (but not ALL of them); I had gotten used to that already. Lately, I've
 > > been getting three and even four copies of the same messages (still
 > > not ALL of the messages are duplicated). Is there anything I can do to
 > > fix this "feature"?
 > Set up your mailreader to delete duplicates.

I should have known I would get this kind of answer. Listen, the point
of not getting duplicate messages is not to DOWNLOAD those duplicates
with the modem. Some of the messages (like a recent one which included
a Debian document, about 50kb) are pretty big; I would rather download
them only ONCE.

And yes, you can set your local software to ignore those duplicates;
that only hides a problem that shouldn't be happening anyway.

Perhaps I just don't know much. But it doesn't look right to me that
the mailing list would duplicate those messages. I'm subscribed to
other mailing lists (like ACE's), and they don't show this problem.

 > Ben Pfaff <pfaffben@pilot.msu.edu> <blp@gnu.org> <pfaffben@debian.org>

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