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Re: Copyright question

On 24 Nov 1997, Ole Jørgen  Tetlie wrote:

> Hi,
> The author of rocks'n'diamonds (and mirrormagic) seems willing to
> change the copyright, to allow inclusion in debian main!
> The reason for his previous (restrictive) license was mostly fear
> of people removing his name from the introscreen and such. Does not
> GPL and Artistic protect him from these changes? If they do, it
> might be possible to talk him into using a standard license.

(Note that I'm not a lawyer so I might be completely wrong.)

If he really wrote that program himself (and he hasn't been payed for
that by someone else, for example), then he has the copyright on the code.
So if he says

  ``This program is copyrighted (c) 1995-1997 by Holger Schemel.''

noone would be allowed to remove his (Holger's) name from the code without
explicit written permission. (For that, it doesn't matter which
license--if any--is applied.) 

This might change as soon as someone else makes lots of changes to the
code, though. (I think you'll have to check out GPL and Artistic L.
carefully if this is an important point.)



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