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Re: Bug#14366: terminfo entry for "xterm" is broken

On Tue, 4 Nov 1997, Galen Hazelwood wrote:

> Okay, how's this for a compromise.  I redesign ncurses-base so it includes two
> xterm entries.  One is "xterm", which is what's currently "xterm-old" in
> ncurses-term.  The other is "xterm-debian", which is the new one.  I ask the
> debian X maintainer to hack xterm so it defaults to TERM=xterm-debian, perhaps
> only when running a local shell.  (M.E.:  Is this possible?)

I don't like this solution. I'd vote for calling the _correct_ record 
(i.e. the one that describes _our_ xterm completely) "xterm". The others
should be called "xterm-old", "xterm-compat", or whatever.

IMHO, we should set "TERM=xterm" as default (if that's not already the
case). If someone logs into a Debian system from another OS, he/she can
easily set "TERM=xterm-old", whatever.



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