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Re: be careful with Replaces, please

On 30 Nov 1997, Greg Stark wrote:

> I know i should install a new e2fsprogs, obviously. I was just suggesting we
> should find some way to avoid the default action being to deinstall packages
> that aren't really being completely replaced. I'm not sure what better to do
> though.

In this particular case, "e2fslibsg recommends e2fsprogsg" would probably
be nice, though I know it's not always that simple; I imagine the general
case would be messy, like, e2fslibsg would have to recommend e2fsprogsg
if and only if e2fsprogs was previously installed.  I suppose it's
philisophically bad for a library to know what uses it.  (I'll duck out
of this now since I'm over my head.)

> Incidentally, the g suffix on packages indicates they're a libc6 package.

I think I got confused by "xlib6g".

> Usually it's only needed on libraries since you might want both libc6 based
> and libc5 based libraries installed at the same time.

This I understand, I'm still using sLirp compiled for libc4.

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