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dpkg-genchanges: is this logic wrong?

Package: dpkg-dev

line 138:
	$i=$1; $p=$fi{"C$i Package"}; $a=$fi{"C$i Architecture"};
	if (!defined($p2f{$p})) {
	    if (!$archspecific || $a eq $substvar{'Arch'}) {
		&error("package $p in control file but not in files list");

Doing "dpkg-buildpackage -rsudo" on an i386 just runs dpkg-genchanges
with no arguments, and it tells me

dpkg-genchanges: error: package xserver-fbdev in control file but not in files list

xserver-fbdev has
	Package: xserver-fbdev
	Architecture: m68k

The &error is happening because $archspecific is not set at all, so is
false...  Perhaps that part of the test should be left out, or maybe
it should be &&?  Changing the || to && does fix the immediate problem
but I don't really understand the use of -B/-b as I've never needed
them, so I'm not sure how they'd apply here.  I'm uploading an X
release using dpkg-genchanges with that change, since it doesn't
affect *unpacking* the upload at all...

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