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Re: Bug log ordering

> [...]
> Raul: thanks for your suggestion wrt CGI scripts.  I don't really want
> to make such heavy use of CGI scripts because it would make it much
> harder to run mirrors of the bug system.  At the moment the bug system
> is just a pile of files which you can put in a webserver.
> We could solve this by duplicating the data (we already do this for
> the indices), but there would still be the question of how to specify
> which one you wanted.

How about just providing a new level of indexing:
if a bug has more than, say, three mails it contains an index of
mails (with two or three first lines, so eventually regulars
will all relevant info to subject and first lines). 

This index could be at the start of current data (so minimal
change to current system) or sole contents (so is fast).
It could be added when updates come to bugs, so no massive
update for bug files would be needed.

I would say that providing index either at the beginning or
separately should solve everyones problems. After that 
anybody can read forward or backward or inside out
or whatever way they like without imposing their choise on

cheers, aa

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