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Freedows 98 ?

I just came around this (seemingly) 8 month old project called Freedows 98.
Their webpage is on http://www.geocities.com.SiliconValley/7519 .

Quikly said, they want to implement a cache kernel (whatever that means, seemingly an enhanced version of microkernel architecture pioneered at Stanford) which will be able to run efficiently any OS on top of it. They target Win16/Win32 systems as well as Linux.
They claim 1200 persons are working on this, and that it will be ready "some time in 1998" though they don't have anything yet. They plan to be able to emulate all the Win32 stuff (given the problems the Wine team has been having with "undocumented calls", I doubt that).
The whole thing seems to be run in semi-cathedral mode (interviews for new developpers), by an undergraduate student.
And they want to have it GPL'ed (which is good).

Anyone got echoes of this project ?
It looks like a joke (or a dream depending wether or not you're cynical enough).

Maybe I'm too cynical :-)


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