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Eligibility to Vote (Was "Re: Call for project leader candidates")

On Mon, Nov 03, 1997 at 10:10:00AM -0800, Bruce Perens wrote:

> The short answer is that they are Debian's developers. They must be
> regular workers on the Debian distribution who have already been
> admitted to the private mailing list. Most of these people are Debian
> package maintainers, a few hold other positions for the project.

On Mon, 3 Nov 97 22:34 PST Bruce Perens responded to Mike Orr

> If you were on Dale's testing team during the 1.3 pre-release and were on
> the Debian-QA list, you are in.

     I was active on Dale's testing team during the bo testing, was on
the debian-testing list (still am, I guess, although it is pretty
inactive at the moment), and was included on the list of eligible
developers you supplied to LSL.  I have not been admitted to the
private mailing list, however.  Just curious - am I an eligible voter?


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