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dpkg enhancements

i propose two dpkg enhancements :

alternative order in dpkg-buildpackage

the normal order is :
a) "debian/rules clean" : remove all old files
b) "dpkg-source -b dir-version/" : build diff and dsc file
c) "debian/rules build" : compile package
d) "debian/rules binary" : install binaries, set permissions, build package

i propose a flag to use the alternative order c) d) a) b)

sometime i find a small but (such as a typo) in c) or d).
it would be nice, to fix this typo and continue. 
somepackages take very long to compile, so you don't want to do this
again, if your debian/rules file had a typo in the binary section.

i will also report a copy of this as bug against dpkg-dev with priority


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