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Re: bugs...

Send it to "submit@bugs.debian.org", with a package: and version: line
in the body, just like the website says (somewhere.)

> seems to be at fault. My /usr/include/X11 was empty, so the cp failed

Any idea how it *got* that way?  Were you upgrading (from what) or
installing fresh? [you can look at /var/lib/dpkg/status.yesterday.*
for hints, if you don't remember...]

I've seen a couple of problems with packages that have the wrong
install directory causing directories that *should* be symlinks to get
created, if they get unpacked before xbase does -- so you might look
for what *other* packages you have (try "dpkg -S /usr/include/X11" and
see if it says something other than xbase, for example.)  The bug, in
that case, is in the other package, but we still need to find it...

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