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Be back soon!

As you remember, I moved cross-country.  I bit the bullet and got an
ISDN line for my house.  Unfortunately, it takes 10 to 15 working days
to get installed. Fortunately, that will happen this Friday.

I'll slog through the new files in Incoming this weekend, and deal with
the other issues.  Two people have kindly volunteered to help me with
files in Incoming.  I figure another three days won't hurt too much, but
I will get those two people set up after that.  They can help with the
rigmarole of adding new packages to the override files, and I'll
concentrate on big issues like maintaining the scripts and bringing up
the new machine.

A few points that some of you are unaware of (I really should write a
FAQ one of these days):

When you upload something, dinstall tries to match the distribution and
package name.  If they don't match with something in the overide files,
dinstall assumes the upload is new, and it won't process it.

I recently added a mechanism whereby dinstall will look for other
matching names in other distributions in the same suite.  (unstable,
non-free, and contrib are in one suite, and their stable equivalents are
in another.)  If you upload something to the wrong distribution by
mistake, that is now more obvious.  The simplest solution (ie - requires
nothing from me) is for you to upload a new .changes file with the
correct distribution.

If you really mean to move something to a new distribution, I expect to
see some entry in the changelog explaining the move:
   * Moved to non-free as it isn't really free!
Otherwise I will assume you mis-specified the distribution and reject
it.  Note that I moved some files around a few months ago to jibe with
our new definition of main/contrib/non-free.  I always assume the
current archive location is correct unless told otherwise.

If you're doing something funky, you can do "~maor/dinstall/dinstall -n
foo.changes" to see what dinstall will do.

That's all for now.


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