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Re: CC's of mailing list mail

On Wed, 12 Nov 1997, Tyson Richard DOWD wrote:

> Ben Pfaff wrote:
> > Tyson Richard DOWD <trd@cs.mu.oz.au> writes:
> > > I would vastly prefer having the Reply-To set correctly. I was amazed
> > > when I read the policy because I knew these lists didn't set their
> > > Reply-To, which seemed to be a very simply way of helping enforce
> > > the policy.
> > > 
> > > (And just to push the point home, this is the second time I've sent
> > > this mail because I forgot to "group-reply" the first time. Murphy's Law
> > > no doubt).
> > 
> > The reply-to *IS* set correctly (i.e., it's not set).  Please see
> > http://www.unicom.com/FAQ/reply-to-harmful.html for more details.
> I just did. The arguments don't really apply to this case, in fact,
> some of them are misguided:

Several additional arguments against that FAQ:
  A really reasonable mailer (e.g. pine, dont start a flame on this
  please ;)) offers you to reply to the From: or the Reply-To:, so you can
  choose whether you want to answer publicly or privatelly.

  A reasonable listserver (e.g. smartlist, debian lists run on this, dont
  they?) does NOT set a Reply-To: if the original sender already set it.

  Some people set their Reply-To: to something... and then they are upset
  because they get answers to their mail twice, once as To:
  <orig_reply_to> and once as CC: <list_address>. Same effect as if there
  were no Reply-To: at all.

Personal experience:
  On high-volume lists, on which I don't have time to follow all threads
  (this would be debian-devel for example) I find it useful to get CC-s of
  mails which refer to my mails... so debian-devel suits me...
  On other high-volume lists, which I follow completely (like some
  hungarian linux-related lists) I'd find it disturbing if I got CC-s of
  all the replies, because I'd read all the mail anyway.
  Considering these two last points it would be difficult to find a way
  that would suit all listmembers here. Perhaps there should be a vote for
  this ? ;)


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