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Re: Apologies and the Debian Social Contract

> 2.  A consideration: revising section 5 of the Debian Social Contract.
> The Aim: To strengthen our relations with the non-dfsg software
> community by friendlying how we refer to them and what we simply 
> have to say (all simply in section 5, DSC).
> Not The Aim: To weaken our stance towards non-dfsg software.

DSC, section 5:
       We encourage CD manufacturers to read the licenses of
       software packages in these [non-free, contrib] directories and 
       determine if they can  distribute that software on their CDs. 
       Thus, although non-free software isn't a part of Debian, we 
       support its use, and we provide infrastructure (such as our
       bug-tracking system and mailing lists) for non-free software 

how excactly did you want that even more friendly to non-dsfg software?
I find it all (also the part I didn't  quote) very friendly.

joost witteveen, joostje@debian.org

Potentially offensive files, part 5: /dev/random.
`head -c 4 /dev/random` may print 4-letter words (once every approx 4e8 tries).

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